These are the industries we currently supply or have the expertise and experience to service:

  • Automotive

  • Rail

  • Machine Tools

  • Industrial

  • Medical

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • White Goods

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Building

  • Civil Engineering

  • EV charging

  • Solar and other renewables

  • HVAC

Our Experience

You can draw on our huge experience and expertise in Engineering Fasteners to help select the right standard or bespoke part for your project – whatever your industry.


You Choose

With an ever increasing range of standard metal pressed parts to choose from you will usually find the right JPA Engineered Fastener for your application - off the shelf. We also have a library of over 500 tools, so if one of our standard parts is almost right, we can create a hybrid part using an existing tool.


Your Requirements

Your project requirements may be unique. In that case we can design, prototype and manufacture the precise part you need for your application.


Consistency & Quality Is Key

Because of our experience in the automotive sector we are used to meeting very high standards of quality and consistency in the products we produce and the processes we follow. You can be confident that we will be able to meet the standards, documentation and approvals required for your project whatever your industry.


Let's Work Together

Every step of the way we are here to support you. From initial design through to manufacturing and assembly of your project.